Microstrategy - Function Plugins


What is the MicroStrategy Function Plug-in?

MicroStrategy Function Plug-in Wizard is an add-in to the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler, which comes with a standard MicroStrategy installation. It allows you to create a C++ project, with which you can implement your own custom MicroStrategy function plug-in. The option to install this component is enabled only if Microsoft Visual C++ version 2005 (8.0) or version 2010 (10.0) is present on the system where the installation is being performed.

Customers interested in deploying analytics from the R programming language into MicroStrategy can do so using the R Integration Pack, available separately from the CodePlex open source community web site. For more information, go to http://www.codeplex.com and search for the RIntegrationPack project (current as of March 1, 2013).

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