MicroStrategy - Continuous Integration


We want to be able to include the MicroStrategy project into our regular continuous integration environment so that if we need deploy or rollback our deployment to an earlier version, everything should work.

With the Object Manager, we can select the objects (either by search results, selecting folder, or by selecting objects) and create a package (.mmp) file. I believe that the Object Manager requires an administrator license, and our report designers may not know all the dependent objects. Therefore, the task of creating the package should be done by an engineer. Perhaps, once a day, the engineer should create a package containing all the objects within the MicroStrategy system (it takes time / efforts to track all the objects), and commit this .mmp file into subversion repository.

It look simple (just have to use the Object Manager to create the .mmp file and commit it into subversion)

What happen if we need to import an older package? When we need to re-deploy an older package, this tool may work automatically, but if it doesn't, we may need to run it manual and select appropriate options.

We should also consider using backup. What is the best strategy to perform backup of the MicroStrategy Intelligence server?

MicroStrategy has two tools that can be used for this purpose:

  • The Object Manager tool
  • The Project Merge tool (can be executed from the command-line)

To Do:

  1. Dig into the documentations under "Administration & Installation", and documentations under "SDK"
  2. Ask questions on the forum
  3. See if Byron already ask tech support the question on "one report, different autostyle for each client"
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