MicroStrategy - Backup Strategies


What is the recommended backup strategy?

  1. Backup the entire machine
  2. Backup the metadata database at the database level
  3. Backup the installation folder, the odbc files

How can I do metadata backup from one server to another server?

  1. Create a DSN that point to a MS Access database.
  2. Use the MicroStrategy Configuration Wizard to create the metadata shell
  3. Create a 2-tier project source pointing to this DSN and metadata shell
  4. Use Desktop to duplicate the projects from the existing 3-tier project source to this 2-tier project source.

When developing a MicroStrategy 8.1.x to 9.x project, it may be necessary to move the project to a different database platform. For example, a project developed in Microsoft Access metadata may need to be moved to an Oracle metadata. The Project Duplicate component in MicroStrategy Desktop should be used to accomplish this task.

When transferring metadata, it is critical that triggers are maintained in the destination database. Failure to maintain the triggers in the MicroStrategy metadata will result in a corrupted project. There are two main requirements before moving the metadata:

  1. Create a new metadata shell in the destination database using the MicroStrategy Configuration Wizard.
  2. Create a new project source pointing to this new metadata.

After creating the metadata tables using the MicroStrategy Configuration Wizard, use MicroStrategy Desktop to duplicate the project into the newly created repository. Refer to the following MicroStrategy Knowledge Base technical note for steps to use the project duplication functionality in MicroStrategy Desktop 8.x: TN12330 - How to duplicate a project in MicroStrategy Desktop

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