Meteor - Questions


  1. How can we turn-off realtime application with meteor?
  2. When we have an autoform with 'method' or 'method-update', we invoke a DDP Method to save the form data. The method does not mention the name of the collection. How does this work? Does this put the data into the browser collection before invoking the Method on the server?
  3. What is Fiber?
  4. Where should we define meteor DDP Methods?
  5. What is Meteor Data GraphQL server? If you have an existing Rails/PHP/Spring/Node app with REST endpoints, you can put a Meteor Data GraphQL server in front of it, so that you can use a GraphQL client to access the same endpoints but through a nicer, more performant API.
  6. What is Meteor Data? If you are using a client-side data management system such as Redux, it will be easy to integrate server data loaded using Meteor Data.,
  7. How can we scale the DDP server and the HTTP server separately?
  8. How can we use the smart package for authentication without using the dropdown? Does it offer another interface? What is all this "Configure … Login" button? Where does Meteor store these settings? Is it secure? How can we change these settings?
  9. Would we use Meteor for an application such as Quora?
  10. Is there an admin interface?
  11. Is there any code coverage tool?
  12. How can I stop the auto-refresh functionality whenever a file is save?
  13. Which companies or projects are using Meteor and what are their thoughts?
  14. How can we use Bootstrap with Meteor? Do we need to query the DOM?
  15. What are best practices for using Meteor with Subversion? Every time I add a package, I have a hard time committing the long list of new files from the command line. How can I get around this?
  16. Memory leak, slowness, unresponsiveness. It seems that meteor is causing my browser to become unresponsive. I need to figure out why.
  17. How can we turn off the real-time feature?
  18. How can we disable the reactivity for a particular template?
  19. How can we safely remove a template and add it later when the user switch tab to reduce memory consumption?
  20. What are subversion best practices for meteor project? Which folder should we configure subversion to ignore? When I add a new package, I have a hard time adding all the files to subversion. How can I avoid this problem?
  21. Find an example on how we can avoid callback hell with Meteor
  22. Is there a prototype tool that can generate a valid Meteor application?
  23. Is Meteor secure? Can malicious users create DDP Method on the browser side and be able to see all the data and put garbage into the database?
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