Meteor - Packages

meteor - Direct and secure file-uploads to AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage and others - Pretty much a clone of yogiben:autoform-file using edgee:slingshot instead of CFS - File upload for AutoForm with Slingshot - Add some features to the core http package
nodemailer - supports streaming attachments
alanning:roles - offer role-based authorization
cfs:standard-packages - file management system for Meteor
meteor:ionic - provides a port of the Ionic UI components for Meteor without the need for Angular
meteorstream:meteor-postgres - allow you to use PostgreSQL database with Meteor
msavin:mongol - offer a convenient way to inspect collection contents during development
numtel:mysql - add MySQL support with reactive SELECT subscriptions
ongoworks:security - implement logical security for client-originated MongoDB collection operations
splendido:accounts-meld - links accounts from different OAuth providers
tap:i18n - add supports for localization / internationalization
tomi:upload-server - allows user to upload files to the local system and when use together with tomi:upload-jquery, it also enable full UI that also works well on mobile devices
CollectionFS - comes with various storage adaptors that allows you to store files in the local filesystem (cfs:filesystem), in a MongoDB using the GridFS filesystem (cfs:gridfs), or in a S3 bucket (cfs:s3). - Admin panel
cfs:collection, cfs:standard-packages and cfs:filesystem

What are the packages that I am using?

meteor remove autopublish
meteor remove insecure

meteor add kadira:flow-router
meteor add useraccounts:core
meteor add useraccounts:flow-routing

meteor add accounts-facebook
meteor add accounts-google
meteor add accounts-twitter
meteor add accounts-ui
meteor add aldeed:simple-schema
meteor add aldeed:collection2
meteor add aldeed:autoform
meteor add twbs:bootstrap
meteor add ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3
meteor add skehoe1989:autoform-tinymce
meteor add mizzao:jquery-ui
meteor add mrt:flash-messages
meteor add matb33:collection-hooks
meteor add browser-policy
meteor add djedi:sanitize-html
meteor add meteorhacks:picker
meteor add kadira:blaze-layout

What is the purpose of Kadira?

Kadira provides performance insight so that we can tune our application. Need more information on how it works.

What is the purpose of Meteor Up?

Meteor Up (mup for short) is a command line tool that allows you to deploy any Meteor app to your own server. It supports only Debian/Ubuntu flavours and Open Solaris at the moments.

What is the purpose of Mupx?

Mupx is the stable version of Meteor Up. Meteor Up is a command line tool that allows you to deploy any Meteor app to your own server. It currently supports Ubuntu. There are plans to support other linux distros soon. You can use install and use Meteor Up from Linux, Mac and Windows. This version of Meteor Up is powered by Docker and it makes Meteor Up easy to manage. It also reduce a lot of server specific errors.

What is the purpose of Meteor Down?

Meteor Down is a load testing tool for Meteor server side components. It uses the DDP protocol to communicate with the Meteor application. You can write your load test in JavaScript and let MeteorDown to invoke it.

What is the purpose of

Compose provides hosted database as a service.

How can we use moments.js with Meteor?

Moment.js makes it easy to parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in JavaScript, and installing the Moment package for Meteor is the quickest way to get started. To install the package, use the following command:

meteor add mrt:moment

Can we use npm packages with Meteor?

Yes. Meteor is built on top of Node, and Node itself has countless packages available through NPM. To use these packages, the simplest method is to install the NPM package:

meteor add meteorhacks:npm

A packages.json file will be created within your project’s directory, and this is where you can define what packages you’d like to use in your project:

  "redis": "0.8.2",
  "github": "0.1.8"

Then a npmRequire function can be used to harness the functionality of that package:

var Github = Meteor.npmRequire('github');

You’ll need to use this code on the server only (it won’t work on the client), and if you come across a problem, it’s probably something to do with the asyncronous nature of most NPM packages, but this is nevertheless a quick and easy way to get even more “free” functionality for your creations.

What is Electron?

It is a solution that make a web application and turn it into a desktop application.

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