Meteor - Development


What were my stumbling blocks?

  1. The Accounts system. I ended up using … for those links. For the dropdown list, I end up using the @@> loginButtons as mentioned.
  2. Redirect the user after a successful login or logout. Open up client/main.js and look for Accounts.onLogin and onLogoutHook
  3. Problem with FlowRouter (no route defined for /). I do not understand the need for the routing section of the account page.
  4. Publish / subscribe is not related to DDP Methods.
  5. Creating a collection - Do we need to create a collection using MongoDB shell? How can we empty out a collection?
  6. How to render a static template using JavaScript - using Blaze.toHtml()
  7. What is the purpose of 'meteor shell' command?
  8. Displaying a checkbox with label to the left
  9. Using Blaze.render and Blaze.renderWithData, and implemented AutoForm.addHooks to add onSuccess hook
  10. Different types of forms. Should ask the author of autoform to clarify the need for the insert and update form type. Perhaps we need a working example of method and method-update. I should contact the author of autoform after I've complete the development of astoundlearning. "You must call check() in the method or perform your own validation since a user could bypass the client side validation.". Is this necessary if we use the collection2 package?
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