Meteor Cheatsheet Http Rest


// Meteor - HTTP / REST:

Anywhere:, url [, options] [, asyncCallback])  
Anywhere: HTTP.get(url, [options], [asyncCallback])
Anywhere:, [options], [asyncCallback])
Anywhere: HTTP.put(url, [options], [asyncCallback])
Anywhere: HTTP.del(url, [options], [asyncCallback])

// options: content, data, query, params, auth, headers, timeout, followRedirects

The best package to use to implement a REST API depends what your anticipated 
use cases are. If you want pure REST endpoints, you could look at express. If you 
want REST endpoints which provide an alternative way of accessing publications 
(for example), then simple:rest is simple. If your use case is more complex, you 
may prefer nimble:restivus. More complex still and you should look at centiq:crud4
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