How can I convert an MP4 to an MP3 on my Windows 10 laptop?

On my Windows 10 laptop, I downloaded a program named "My MP4 to MP3 Converter" from the Windows Apps Store. This program seems a bit ugly, a bit counter intuitive, and it is supported by advertisement (not a big deal). To choose file that we wan to convert, click on the "Choose files" button (in the middle). We can choose multiple files in one shot. To start the conversion, click on the "Start conversion" button. The middle section will show the progress. When everything is done, the middle section will be empty. We can then click on the "Open MP3 folder" button, and we can then copy these converted files to whichever folder we want. Sweet.

How can I remove the album image from an MP3 file?

Look likes I need to use an MP3 tag editor program. It seems that WinAmp has this functionality. Perhaps I can give MP3tag a shot (I have it installed already)

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