Markdown has quietly become a text standard for the web over the last few years, with applications from Github to StackExchange to Reddit to Medium and Slack are taking advantage of the format. Even SitePoint itself only accepts new article submissions in Markdown.

The last tool we are going to see is Dillinger, an online Markdown editor which helps you write and format texts for web pages.

What I mostly like of Dillinger is that it has a split screen so that you can write the Markdown text on the left and you can immediately see the formatted output on the right. In this way, you can avoid the risk of discovering a completely wrongly formatted passage after you render the text to HTML. This real-time conversion is highly practical and it will save you from many mistakes.

With Dillinger you can open and save files to and from Dropbox, Github, Google Drive and Open Drive, while you can export files in the following formats: HTML, PDF and Markdown.

Happily, Dillinger is completely free, yet there are no annoying advertisements on the site.

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