Mac Preview
Using Preview on Mac to edit PDF.

Filling out a PDF form should not be tricky, but it is.  Sometime we cannot 
type into a field.  Sometime we cannot check a checkbox.

To edit a PDF using Preview, click on the toolbox icon at the top.  This will 
show or hide the tool bar.  On the tool bar, there is an icon with the letter T 
in it.

To type text into a field that we cannot type text into, click on this T icon.  
This will give us a text box.  Drag the sides of this text box to resize this 
text box.  Type text into this text box and reposition this text box as needed.
Sometime this text box is placed at the place that is not obvious, so we may 
have to look for it.

To insert a checkmark:

1. Click on the T icon
2. Click on "Edit -> Emoji & Symbol"
3. Type "check" into the search box
4. Double click on the appropriate icon in the search result
5. Notice that the checkmark get inserted into the text box.
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