Mac Homebrew


sudo chown -R $(whoami) /usr/local

brew search packageName
brew install packageName
brew info packageName
brew uninstall packageName
brew upgrade // upgrade everything
brew upgrade packageName
brew update // update the formulae and Homebrew itself
brew list // list installed packages
brew outdated // list everything that is outdated
brew pin <formula> // stop something from being updated/upgraded
brew unpin <formula> // allow that formulae to update again
brew cleanup <formula> // remove old formulas
brew cleanup
brew cleanup -n // see what should be cleanup

What is the purpose of the 'brew doctor' command?

You want to use this command after system changes (such as OS X or Xcode updates) or if you think you need to troubleshoot your Homebrew installation. The output will tell you what’s wrong and generally how to fix it.

What is the purpose of the 'brew update' command?

This will update your Homebrew formula list. Note, this doesn’t update all your installed packages! What this does is update the versions and availability of packages you could install. You want to run this often to keep your Homebrew installation up to date with the latest available software.

What is the purpose of the 'brew upgrade' command?

This will upgrade your installed packages.

What is the purpose of the 'brew list' command?

This will list all the packages that are currently installed on your system.

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