Linux - restore


What are the command line options for the restore command?

restore options argument [files_or_dirs]

The options are:

  1. r: read and restore entire tape
  2. x: extract all files and directories listed and restore them in the current directory. Each name to be extracted must be a complete path name relative to root directory of the filesystem being restored. For example, to restore the file /chem/pub/old/gold from a dump of /chem, you must specify the filename as /pub/old/gold. You should be in /chem when you execute the restore command.
  3. t: type the names of listed files and directories on terminal if they appear on the backup tape
  4. f: if present, restore will read the dump from specific device
  5. s: the corresponding argument indicates which file on tape is to be used for the restore
  6. i: interactive mode
restore xf /dev/tape/backup phillip/test
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