Linux - fsck


What are the command line options for the fsck command?

  1. -p: preen the filesystem. Automatically perform repairs that do not change any file content (-g under IRIX)
  2. -n: answer no to all prompt
  3. -y: answer yes to all prompt
  4. -c: check the filesystem only if it is not clean (IRIX)
  5. -P: Preen only if dirty (Diginal Unix)
  6. -f: force check even if the filesystem is clean
  7. -b n: Use an alternative superblock located at block n (BSD syntax; 32 is always an alternative superblock)
  8. -b: remount the root filesystem (or reboot if necessary) if it was modified (System V)
  9. -F type: specifies the filesystem type
  10. -O: type-specific options
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