Linux - dump


What are the command line options for the dump command?

dump options arguments filesystem

The options are:

  1. 0-9: level of backup, does not require any argument
  2. u: if dump finish successfully, update the /etc/dumpdates file
  3. s: this option require an argument, which specifies the size of the backup tape in feet (default value is 2400 or 5400) if the C option is also included (C abbreviate for Cartridge) and 5400 is the length of first cartridge tapes. This option is not needed on recent version of dump which can auto-detect the end of tape.
  4. d: require an argument specifying the density of a tape in byte per inch. The default is 1600 or 1000 when C option is also specified.
  5. f: this option states that you want to send dump to something other than the default tape drive (for example, to a file or to another device)
  6. w: simulate
dump 2usfd 2300 /dev/rmt1 6250 /dev/disk1d
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