Attend conferences, events, meetups, code camps
Look for developer events that are organized by the big boys (Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, etc)

Read tech news:


  1. Story telling
  2. mnemonic
  3. Make it fun, humorous, ridiculous, exaggerated. Make a game out of it. Draw a funny picture.
  4. Link: This technique for primarily for remembering a list of items. Try to make up crazy funny story that include these items, in such a way that one item leads to the next items.
  5. Substitute Word: Think of similar-sounding words or phrases. For example, "can't elope" and "cantaloupe". I guess the point is to think of something that you already know but is not exactly what you are trying to remember, but you know how to correct it. For example, if we want to learn the 50 states, you might want to remember Alaska as "a last car", and Maryland as a girl named Mary who lands among a mass of people who chew and sit. For Arizona, we can use "air zone" as the substitute phrase. For Arkansas, we can see ourselves sawing an ark. Anything can be pictured, a noun, and action, whatever. I guess we can replace a list of things that we need to remember with a list of things that we already familiar with (easier to remember).
  6. Memory Palace
  7. Space repetition
1st repetition: right after learning
2nd repetition: after 20 to 30 minutes
3rd repetition: after 1 day
4th repetition: after 2 to 3 weeks
5th repetition: after 2 to 3 months

Try to understand what you learn.
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