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https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/280296 - How to Coach People Who Need to Lead But Don't Want To
Effective Presentation Skills

As a ..., it's your job to inspire your team to create winning ideas. Present your ideas, but then let them run the ball. 
Michael Gorga - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/great-creative-directors-know-3-secrets-do-you-michael-gorga

Coach Jones did not simply preside over his team. He created and executed a training process that allowed his team to function at their highest level on the field… The second is about inspiration. Often, we are faced with challenges that seem insurmountable, or goals that have been set for us that seem impossible.

I will fire my employee for being "non-team" player, or poor performant, but I will never fire anyone or lay anyone off just because the economy is turning sour. Each and everyone on the team will take a salary cut. Need to confirm this policy with the upper management team though.

Take care of your team members. Push the management team to implement 401k and other incentive programs.

Trust your team members.

Creating time for yourself:

If you are a CEO of a company, a VP, or other manager roles, you can be dragged into the day to day survival of the business, and it can be hard for you to get free time to think on how to best run your business. Try to allocate one day or half a day for thinking. During this time, isolate yourself, and do not allow yourself to be disturbed by others. Dedicate this time toward clearing your mind, thinking on how to best deal with your current situation, and what can be done to grow your business or do a better job. If needed, find someone who can be your "mastermind mind" and can be designated to attend meetings (and if absolutely necessary can act) on your behalf.

Questions to ask when interviewing management candidates:

  1. In your professional career, what wrong was done to you?
  2. As a leader, you can be tied up in various meetings, and keeping the business alive or survived, how do you manage your time?
  3. Without knowing much about the company, and just based on your experience, what would you like to see happening with this company?
  4. So far, what do you think about our company? And what contribution will you bring to the company?
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