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Chau needs to take her learning more seriously. We send you to school for a reason. It is so that she can be successful, and be able to live a good life. Everything has consequence. So, she need to take it more seriously.

Study both Christian and Buddhism (and perhaps other religions as well) regardless whether you believe in religion or not. The people behind these religions are great philosophers / thinkers. There is something to learn from these bibles.

Think for yourself. Do not let peer pressure influence your thinking. No bully. It may seem funny to you but hurtful for people on the receiving end.

You have to be responsible for your kids.
Water in the restroom.

Spelling app
An app that teach electronic, physics, chemistry, biology, SAT, math, investing
Science quiz
Computer science
Secret Millionaires Club Volume One

Ask them to research a particular subject in the morning, and then in the afternoon, ask them to teach me the particular subject, whatever they learned in the morning. Rather than me teaching them, they should research and teach me instead. That way I just guide them, and do not bore them. I just want to make sure that they learn something, and inspire them to create something and learn something. We will go down the list until we are done with each item.

How to install VirtualBox
How to install Ubuntu onto VirtualBox
How to install MySQL
How to create table, insert data, select data, update data, and delete data from a MySQL table
How does a microphone works
How to build a microphone
How does a speaker work
How to build a speaker
How does a glider work
How to build a glider
How to make a heat pad
Make a crystal radio
How does air conditioner work
Make an air conditioner
How does a refrigerator work
How to fix a refrigerator
Build a refrigerator
Make a simple telephone. Strung a two wire cable we found in a vacant lot between two houses and used our ear phones to make a simple telephone.
Learn how to operate a radio station.
Build radio transmitters, receivers, antennas, keyers, test equipment, and lots of other accessories.
Build radio-controlled airplanes and boats.
Twitter Bootstrap
JavaScript / jQuery
During summer, send them to those code schools that are for adult
Each summer, enroll them in a vocational school with different vocation (culinary, robotic, construction, design, music, business management, finance & accounting)
Continue with Rails

  1. RoboMind
  4. Cargo-Bot
  5. Robozzle
  6. Alice
  7. Daisy the dinosaur
  11. Lightbot
  12. Hakitzu Elite
  13. Tiny Tap
  14. dragonbox
  15. Prodigy
  16. Word Raider
  17. DreamBox
  26. Run Macro
  27. Hopscotch - If you have an iPad, you can download the Hopscotch app for your kids to teach them how to make basic games and pixel art. Kids will learn to code while they play along with the games and watch informative videos. Kids can take part in different challenges to further develop their skills as well as a community where they can ask questions when they run into any difficulties.
  28. Code Monster
  29. Lego Mindstorms
  30. Robot Turtle
  32. Tynker
  1. Game Mechanic
  2. Game Salad
  3. Game Maker
  4. Aris
  5. Inkle
  1. Minecraft
  2. Scratch - Kids can program games, animations and interactive stories that they can share with others in the Scratch community. There is even a special section dedicated to educators called ScratchEd, which supplies teachers with resources to introduce coding in the classroom.
  3. Hackety Hack
  4. Kids Ruby
  5. Code Academy
  6. Pixel Press Floors
  7. Kodable
  42. - done watching - Accelerated Learning: How To Get Good at Anything in 20 Hours - done watching - The first 20 hours — how to learn anything | Josh Kaufman | TEDxCSU

  1. Decide on what you want to learn, and your target performance level
  2. Deconstruct the subject / skills into sub-skills. Focus on and practice the sub-skill that is most important to you. Practice before you go to bed.
  3. Research the skill just enough to do the deconstruction and choose the most important sub-skill but not so much that it become barrier to practice.
  4. Eliminate barriers to practice. Make it easier to do what you want to do.
  5. Pre-commit to practicing at least 20 hours.

Do not disrespect people because of their job. Some people have a high paying job but as a person they are worse than a person with a low paying job. Be kind, and help people when you can, because your family were helped by complete strangers. This is regarding the people who work at the airport. There are a lot of pain and suffering in this world associated with job. They may not like their job, but they have to grind through it because they have no other choice. Your smile and kind words can lighten up the day for other people. People don't necessarily have to do what you want them to do, even if that is their job. If they do not like the tone of your voice or what you said to them, they can create problem for you. So, put a smile on your face, say hi to people. Treat people with respect. If they are significantly older than you, show proper respect by using sir or mam. That will light up their day, put them in a positive mood so that they don't create problem for you.

This is regarding the people who work at the resort. Even that they are poor, it is wrong for you to disrespect them as a human. You are a human, and they are also human. You don't know them, and they don't know you. You don't speak their language, and they can't speak English well (and their English may be slightly different from your English). They don't come from the same culture, so do not joke around.

Aim high and aim low. Have high goal and standards but break that goal down to achievable sub-goals and have a plan on how to achieve those sub-goals.
Siblings and cousins always stick together and help each other.
Help other people while we can because you never know when you will need the help from other people.
Show them the video on how solar panels are manufactured.
Show them the video above
Continue on with the Rails videos below - done - continue with this - Rails Zombie

Investing: - printed - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading

Play a game
Find science experiment kits, toys, games, books, and puzzles in our online store. From chemistry sets to origami to microscopes, this is the source for hands-on fun.
Set an example
Create a challenge
Take them to science club

Read the links on this page
Watch the videos on this page



Science trivia and games:

General articles: - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading



Science projects:

How to teach kids to read:

How to teach kids to be creative: - Marty Lobdell - Study Less Study Smart

Swimming: - The Smoothest Swimming Technique In The World? Jono Van Hazel


Battle bots competitions
Encrypted CB radio (call the alien Tan)
Hand crank radio

Teaching kids to read:

Children stories:

Kids education channels:

Living and Nonliving Things - Lesson for kids - What are the differences between living things and non-living things?
States of matter - Lesson 1
States of matter - Lesson 2
3 States of matter
Changes in matter - 1
Changes in matter - 2

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Science - Matter - Molecules and Atoms - English
Science - Liquid, Buoyant force and Archimedes principal - English
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Planets & Solar System for Children- School Education Video for Grade
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Gravity for Kids - School Lesson Part 2 series of Education
How ,Why Dew Drops happen
Water Cycle-Animation -1
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Green House Effect Video for Kids

Immune System - Human Organ systems for kids
Muscular System - Our Muscles - Human Body Video for Kids
About Teeth for Kids - Dental Care Video - Types and Functions
Circulatory System -Cardiovascular System- for Kids
The Nervous System- Animation-Video for Kids
The Skeletal System , Skeleton Dance -How Body Works
Respiratory System for Kids (Breathing)
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Human Blood -Lesson for Kids
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Why Heart Attack Happens
What happens inside the stomach
Endocrine System- Human Body Systems for Kids
Animal Cell Structure (animation) - Different Parts & their Functions

Parts of Plant -Lesson 1
Plant Parts -Lesson 2
Photosynthesis - episode1
Photosynthesis - How Plants make Food- 2
Parts of a Flower

Weathering & Erosion - Nature's Processes lesson for Kids
Soil Erosion
Earth as an Apple
Soil Profile ,Soil Layers
Soil Types & Soil Structure (Profile )
Types of Rocks & Rocks Cycle

Digestive System -Human Body
Planets & Solar System
Solar System Animation
The Nervous System- Animation
Food Chains ,Food Webs,Energy Pyramid in Ecosystems
Force Work and Energy Relationship
Food Pyramid - Nutrition Table -Lesson 1
Pollution Video 1
3 R' s - Reduce ,Reuse , Re-cycle - Pollution
Simple Machines Types & Functions
What is Energy - Types of Energy
Electricity for Kids -What is it?
Germs Movie for Kids
What is Temperature?
Types of Rocks & Rocks Cycle

Magnets & Magnetism
What is an Atom -Basics
Plate Tectonics
Newton's 1st Law of Motion
Newton's 2nd & 3rd Law of Motion
What is Atmospheric Pressure
Animal Cell Structure (animation) - Different Parts & their Functions
Chemical and Physical Changes
Potential and Kinetic Energy

What is Temperature
Thermometer - Measuring Temperature
Making Rain at Home
What is Work
What is Force
What is Energy

Have Fun Teaching:

Not watched yet:
Noun Song
Verb Rap Song
Adjective Song
Simile Song
Volume Song
Good Morning Song
Days of the Week Song
Months of the Year Song
Subject and Predicate Song
Authors Purpose Song
Context Clues Song
Reading Comprehension Song
Story Elements Song
Expository Writing Song

Character Songs:
Community Song (Citizenship Song)
Responsibility Song
Patience Song
Fairness Song
Friend Song
Truth Song
Respect Song
Caring Song
Hey Bully Song
Courage Song

Science Songs:
Butterfly Song
Seasons Song
Going Green Song
Animal Song
Water Cycle Song
Senses Song
Parts of the Body Song
Moon Song
Planets Song
Scientific Method Song
Matter Song
Creation Song
Weather Song (Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, Disney classics)
Perhaps, Tan can play some exergames.

Should I allow my kids to play healthy game to some degree?

Happy Neuron
Sharp Brains

Healthy games, if not applied correctly, can have undesired effects.

Preschool coloring
Prongo Games
Enchanted Learning
Lil Finger Storybook
Chateau Meddybemps
Letters & Sounds


Not watched yet:
Lifehacker - Programming! Learn the Basics of Coding, How to Pick a

Potential careers for my kids:

They are free to decide on what their careers should be for themselves. However, here are my thoughts which should help them deciding on the right career:

  1. They have to know what they want from life. They have to know what they want to accomplish from life. They have to know what make them happy. They have to know what they love. Multiple successful people said that in order to be successful, we have to be doing what we love. In other words, it is very important to know what you love, know what you are really passionate about, and what make you turned-on. This is also known as the definite purpose of life. They have to know this, and I am responsible for encouraging them to do their sole searching, but I should not be pressuring them. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, also said something to the extent that if you do not know what you love, keep working harder at what you are doing, and then you realize that you can be successful at it, and then love and passion can grow from it.
  2. Think of offering products and services that helps people and being of services to other people, and creating experience for other people.
  3. Having a secondary / side career, or a secondary / side source of income can lead to less stress when they no longer enjoy their main career for whatever reason. Just like their main career, the secondary career should also be something that they are good at, and enjoy doing outside of their main career. For some people, their secondary career often becomes the main career. Having a secondary / side career can also bring more stress and distract you from your main career. Nonetheless, it is important to list / identify the possible secondary careers along with the possible primary careers. Ideally, the secondary careers should line up with the primary careers.

song writer
movie producer
movie director
theatre director
handyman / general contractor / home repairer
mechanical engineers (so that you can invent stuff)
car mechanic
aircraft mechanic
solar panel installer
home inspector

Possible secondary careers:

My kids are taking classes in martial art, swimming, so when they grow up, their secondary careers may be:

  • Become a part-time martial art instructor at a private martial art school
  • Become a full-time martial art instructor and own the private martial art school
  • Become a part-time swimming coache at a private swimming school
  • Become a business owner (own a private swimming school)

Possible primary careers:

  • Movie directing, movie acting, art directing
  • Sport teacher (teach martial art, swimming) at a high school, college, or university

The downside of working for other people is that other people is always in control when it comes time to make decisions. They upside of working for other people is that you have chance to learn from other people. My kids should start out by working for other people, but they should aim at becoming a business owner, a business leader, rather than working for other people for their entire life. If they really love working in a technological field, so be it, but they have to be absolutely certain that is what they want to do. They have to do their sole searching ahead of time.

Establish a list of careers (search the Internet, get this list from schools, universities, etc) and for each career, ask my kids to see if they would love doing it. My job is to help my kids identify what they love.

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