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Social Networks and Blogs for Recruiters (may be some of the best place to find and connect to recruiters):

How people find jobs / Tips for finding jobs:

Job boards and competitions:

Job boards and recruiting agencies that target start-up:

Recruiters / Staffing agencies:

Job boards for freelancers and temporary or contract work:

Putting job-advertisement on your site:

Job / Resume -related services:

Other job-related services:

Companies that I want to work for:

How to create your resume:
How To Design a Clean and Professional Resume / CV Website
5 Examples of Beautiful Resume/CV Web Templates
7 Tips For Creating An Online Resume / CV
20 Mind Blowing Creative Résumés

Whether job seekers should use recruiters:

Social Media:
4 Reasons Recruiters Should Stop Accepting Traditional Resumes
Social Recruiting Survey Says… Get on Social Media and Get Found!

Job Search Engines and Aggregators:
Top 5 Job Search Aggregators for a Smarter Job Hunt

About the recruiting industry:

Preparing for the interview:

Why some employers do not use recruiters:

How to find a list of companies in my local area / How to find a list of companies that are in the industry that I want to work for:
We can possibly go to LinkedIn and search by the city name

Software that track resumes / applicants:

Social Media Recruiting:

How to find a job using social media / How to search for job using social media?
Go to LinkedIn and search for job. You still have to manually search for job.

LinkedIn is also a job board. You can go to LinkedIn and search for job. You can see how you are connected to the company. It is still a manual search. You cannot create an RSS feed after customizing the advanced search. Job seekers do not receive a notification when a matching job is posted. Perhaps because LinkedIn works using connections therefore we do not see a lot of people applying for a job, and therefore the company may not need a skill assessment software.

How is the result of using LinkedIn as a hiring solution? Can we really find more talented engineers? Are people searching for jobs on LinkedIn?

How effective is social media recruiting?

Small companies and startups may not have a skill assessment software. In this situation, is social media recruiting the ultimate solution? Can the process of hiring be further improved by using a skill assessment software?

If you are a hiring manager, is social media recruiting working for you? How do you actually recruit talents beside just posting the job?

marketing & sales
education system (K12)

If social networking is the way to find new job, how can I find a list of companies in my local area?

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