JavaScript - Reserved Keywords


// JavaScript - Reserved words:

A name (identifier) is a letter optionally followed by one or more letters, 
digits, or underbars. A name cannot be one of these reserved words: 

boolean, break, byte, 
case, catch, char, class, const, continue, 
debugger, default, delete, do, double, 
else, enum, export, extends, 
false, final, finally, float, for, function, 
if, implements, import, in, instanceof, init, interface, 
native, new, null, 
package, private, protected, public, 
short, static, super, switch, synchronized, 
this, throw, throws, transient, true, try, typeof, 
var, volatile, void, 
while, with

We are not permitted to use a reserved word as the name of an object property in 
an object literal or following a dot.

undefined, NaN, and Infinity are not reserved words.  However, we might not be
able to use undefined as the name of an object property.
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