JavaScript - The navigator object


// To detect OS of the client using JavaScript:
The navigator.appVersion string can be used to detect the operating system
on the client machine.
appCodeName both Code name of the browser
AppMinorVersion IE4 cell-content
appName both The name of the browser
appVersion both The version of the browser
browserLanguage IE4 The language in which the browser is configured
connectionSpeed IE4
cpuClass IE4 The type of micro-processor
onLine IE4 Whether the browser currently has an online connection
language both The language configured
mimeTypes both
platform both
plugins both
systemLanguage IE4 The default language of the operating system
userAgent both The user agent header sent via HTTP protocol
userLanguage IE4 Human language used by user
userProfile IE4 Access to user profile
javaEnabled() both Returns boolean value to indicate whether the user has enabled the use of Java
taintEnabled() both
perference both
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