Javascript - Document Element versus Body

What is the purpose of document.documentElement?

document.documentElement: returns the documentElement of a document, as an Element object. For HTML documents the returned object is the HTML element. It returns the Element that is the root element of the document (for example, the <html> element for HTML documents).

What is the purpose of document.body?

document.body is the element that contains the content for the document. In documents with <body> contents, returns the <body> element, and in frameset documents, this returns the outermost <frameset> element.

What is the effect of setting the document.body?

Though body is settable, setting a new body on a document will effectively remove all the current children of the existing <body> element.

What may be the cause for document.body to be null or undefined?

If you are experiencing a problem where document.body is null or undefined, check your JavaScript code to make sure that your JavaScript code is only executed after the DOM is fully loaded. If your JavaScript code is located in the head section of the page, move your JavaScript code into the body section of the page as recommended for performance reason. If the problem goes away, then your JavaScript code (when it was in the head section) was being executed before the DOM is fully loaded. Browser parses your html from top down, your script runs before body is loaded. To fix put script just before the closing body tag.

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