Javascript Debuggers


Introduction to the DOM Inspector
Microsoft Script Debugger
Command line shell for JavaScript
MSIE Developer Toolbar
Debug Bar

Ethereal / Wireshark

DOM Level 3 XPath Library. This is not a debugger, but may help locate elements, examine DOM. IE 7 and previous version does not natively support XPath. Javascript-XPath home

Memory Leak Detection
To detect memory leaks in IE, you can use a program such as Drip which automates the testing process, or test manually using Task Manager or Process Explorer which allows detailed monitoring of a single process.

As mentioned on the Drip homepage, a leak is detected by looking for a rising stairs pattern as a result of reloading the page. For example, if I load and notice that IE is taking 40MB of RAM, reloading the page 10 times should still show IE as taking 40MB of RAM. However, if you notice that after each reload, and additional 2MB is taken up resulting in a pattern such as 40MB, 42MB, 44MB .. 60MB after 10 reloads, then the page in question is leaking.

15 Minutes Introduction to Firebug from
Introduction to CSS editing using Firebug
Introduction to Debugging AJAX Application with Firebug
A Guide to JavaScript Debugging using Firebug for Firefox

Internet Explorer 8 Beta: Developer Tools Overview
Sceencast: Introduction to the IE8 Developer Tools
10 Things you didn’t know about Firebug
FireBug Tips and Tricks
Firebug Tutorial: Introduction to Firebug
Justin Palmer's tutorial on Firebug JavaScript debugging
10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Firebug

Firebug 1.0 Beta Screencast
Joe Hewitt: "Welcome to Firebug 1.0"
Joe Hewitt: "FireBug"
Firebug Internals

HTML and CSS Debugging Tools
Tamper Data
IBM Page Detailer (like Tamper Data. Not sure if it is free).

Debugging JavaScript Using Venkman (from WebReference)
Learning Venkman
Venkman Walk Through
Debug JavaScript With Venkman


IEInspector HTTP Analyzer can capture any process's HTTP/HTTPS traffic (even to localhost) in current user session without the need to configure a proxy.


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