Microsoft Script Debugger

This is available for download. To be able to use Microsoft Script Debugger, you must launch IE, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advance, and uncheck 'Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)' and 'Display a notification about every script error' checkboxes.

Ways to launch the debugger:

  1. when a javascript error happens, IE will ask if you want to launch the debugger.
  2. by inserting 'debugger;' statement into your code
  3. by clicking on View -> Script Debugger -> (Open or Break at Next Statement). If you need to launch the script debugger without generating mouse movement, you can use hot key Alt+V to bring up the View menu, move down (with the down arrow) to Script Debugger, move across with the right arrow, use the down arrow to select either 'Open' or 'Break at Next Statement', and hit the enter key.

Sometimes it is necessary to lauch the script debugger without moving the mouse. You can do this by pressing Alt+V to bring up IE's View menu, then move down to "Script Debugger" via the down arrow of your keyboard, open this submenu with the right arrow key, select appropriate option with the down arrow key, and hit the enter key.

Hot keys

Hot key Description
F8 step into
Shift + F8 step over
Ctrl + Shift + F8 step out
Shift + F5 stop debugging
F5 run
F9 toggle breakpoint
Ctrl + Shift + F9 clear all breakpoint

Known issues:

Microsoft Script Debugger does not work well with Fiddler. If you install Fiddler, the 'debugger;' statement or an error still launch Microsoft Script Debugger, but it will not display the source code. You have to uninstall Fiddler, uninstall Microsoft Script Debugger, and re-install Microsoft Script Debugger.

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