Java - Deploying your Java application as a .exe file

After you create the executable jar, you can use Launch4J or JSmooth to create the .exe file. Launch4J seems to be more actively maintained. We can use Launch4J as part of our ant build process. It requires a launch4j.xml file (you can give it any name). We can use Launch4J GUI to create this file. We use it in our build.xml:

<project name="svntool"  default="deploy"  basedir=".">
    <!-- set global properties for this build -->
    <property file=""/>
    <property name="src" value="../src" />
    <property name="bin" value="../bin" />
    <property name="dist" value="../.." />
    <property name="launch4j.dir" location="C:\Program Files\Launch4j" />

    <taskdef name="launch4j"
            :${launch4j.dir}/lib/xstream.jar" />

    <path id="project.classpath">
        <fileset dir="C:\parsers\commons" casesensitive="no">
             <include name="commons-lang-2.4.jar"/>
        <fileset dir="C:\parsers\svnkit-1.7.4-v1\lib" casesensitive="no">
            <include name="svnkit-cli-1.7.4-v1.jar"/>
            <include name="svnkit-1.7.4-v1.jar"/>

    <target name="init">
        <!-- Create the dist directory structure used by compile and copy the deployment descriptors into it-->
            <format property="time_stamp" pattern="MM-dd-yyyy-hh-mm-aa"/>

        <mkdir dir="${bin}"/>

    <target name="clean">
        <!-- Sometimes you can clean with deleting the module file but it is best dealt on an as needed basis -->
        <delete dir="${bin}"/>

    <target name="compile" depends="init">
        <!-- Right Now, Fixing Target to 1.2 as Production is on 5.1 -->
        <javac optimize="yes" debug="yes" srcdir="${src}" nowarn="on" destdir="${bin}">
            <classpath refid="project.classpath" />

    <target name="deploy" depends="compile">
        <!-- create the executable jars -->
        <!-- Start of SVNTool -->
        <delete file="${dist}/BackgroundProcesses.jar"/>
        <delete dir="${dist}/empty"/>
        <mkdir dir="${dist}/empty"/>
        <jar destfile="${dist}/BackgroundProcesses.jar" basedir="${dist}/empty">
            <zipgroupfileset dir="C:\parsers\log4j" includes="log4j-1.2.14.jar"/>
            <zipgroupfileset dir="C:\parsers\svnkit-1.7.4-v1\lib" includes="svnkit-cli-1.7.4-v1.jar"/>
            <zipgroupfileset dir="C:\parsers\svnkit-1.7.4-v1\lib" includes="svnkit-1.7.4-v1.jar"/>
            <zipgroupfileset dir="C:\parsers\commons" includes="commons-lang-2.4.jar"/>
            <fileset dir="${bin}" includes="*.class"/>          
        <sleep seconds="1"/>
        <jar destfile="${dist}/svntool.jar" basedir="${dist}/empty">
                <attribute name="Main-Class" value="SVNTool"/>
            <zipfileset excludes="**/META-INF/**" src="${dist}/BackgroundProcesses.jar"/>

        <launch4j configFile="launch4j.xml" />
        <delete file="${dist}/BackgroundProcesses.jar"/>
        <delete dir="${dist}/empty"/>

Launch4J and JSmooth or other similar tools only create the .exe file. If we needs to install our software inside the "Program Files" folder, we should consider using an installer.

Refer to Simplifying your deployment for other options.

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