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... is smart by default
Now the pressure is on.
My life would be a whole lot easier if I didn't have to work, well ...
You did all the things wrong guys..
You are welcome.
Awesome, good timing.
Double the buttons.
Yeah.  That is why I am here.
Of course, I care.
Master ... (where ... is a name)
Now that you are still living under our roof, you have the freedom of time, and you do not have to worry much.  This is an opportunity.  What are you going to do with that opportunity?

It was true, I was an engineer, but in my defense, I was young and I needed the money.

Search inside yourself.

Wisdom and compassion is like porn (pornography).  You know it when you see it, but you can not define it.

It may be wrong, because I do not have enough wisdom, and I ask for your compassion.

Wisdom: clarity and insight that enable you to know what is best to do.  There are 3 parts to wisdom:

1. Calmness of mind: the ability to bring the mind to the state of calm and clear and being able to do on-demand.  This is the foundation of all higher and cognitive skills.
2. Self-awareness: Clearly seeing moment to moment the state of mind and emotion.  Knowing about myself.  What are my weaknesses?  What are my strength?  What make me happy?  What make me sad?  What are my purposes?  What are my meanings?  This lead to self-mastery.
3. Self is a process, and is not an object.  Because it is a process, and not an object, it is ever changing, it is unsatisfactory, and it is beyond this body.  It is part of the mind.  It is part of the sense of self.

It is only intention, and we cannot eat intention.  In Singapore, we can eat anything, but not intention.

Strong back, and soft front.

Hey !!!
Google is about providing people access to the world knowledge and the world cat videos.

Wisdom is the ability to see beyond self.

Compassion is a mental state that is endowed with the sense of concern for the suffering of others, and most importantly the aspiration to see the suffering relieved.  Compassion has 3 parts:

1. Beautiful intention
    1. himsa: no harm to other (the intention to cause no harm to other)
    2. the intension of good will
    3. the intension of generousity 
2. Loving kindness: the wish for other to be happy.  The best thing about loving kindness is that it can be initiated with a thought.  Looking at this person, I wish for this person to be happy.  Throughout the day, secretly wish for other people to be happy.
3. Compassionate action: 
    Compassion is not compassion without action - Vivian (a 10 years old)

Mindfulness is the foundation that lead to wisdom and compassion.

Business is about helping people.  Business is about feeding people.  Business is about helping people.  Business is about supplying clothes, food, etc. to people.  Business is about providing good and services.  Business is about reducing net suffering in the world, hopefully going to zero.  Business is at its best when people practice wisdom and compassion.  Because when people practice mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion, then the business function in the way that it is supposed to function, which is to serve people, and to reduce suffering, and business will get the best rewards, the best customer services, and the most money while serving people.

The best leadership is not about the leader.  The best leadership is about the team.  Outstanding leadership is something that enable the team to thrive, and to shine, and therefore, in order to do that, leader must facilitate individual team member to thrive, and work well with each other.

I think you have to use a mic.

Very easy.

I am so sorry (spoken in front of large crowd).

I am not Bill Clinton, and I am not the Dalai Lama.  I am actual Meng's third choice for today to introduce him, but I am incredibly please to be here as a friend of Meng, and huge fan of him and his work.

Mengstupidititis: excessive need for getting your photo taken with famous people.

I like to stand behind the podium so that you can see less of me.  It is always an improvement when you see less of me.

Chip is a wonderful, and beautiful human being, and it is always wonderful to be introduced by you.  Thank you.

With me, there is no bad news.  There is only good news, and better news.  There is no bad news, in addition to my good look.

People is thinking that Meng is so nice, but no.  Just kidding.

The not difficult path:
With calm mind, I see my true nature.
With jolliness, I open Dhamma doors.
With open heart, I welcome my Bhuddas.
And with non-doing, I enlighten the world.

Compassion and mindfulness has competitive advantages.  They make your company more profitable.  Give an example.  Sales, what make a best salesman?  A best salesman is someone who can understand and empathize with the client, the client like the guy, and buy from the guy.  A salesperson, in addition to being good, also kind and compassionate, then can get even more business (everybody want to buy from this guy).  Another example is leadership.  If you have a leader who practice this thing, he is calmn, loving, everybody want to work for that guy, they work hard for him.

Affection.  The top performing leaders love people and want to be loved and because of that they create a behavior that make other people want to work hard for him.

Goodness is good for business.  They become good "characters" company, then they become competitive, and get more money, become bigger, and eventually the ecosystem will be dorminated with good-hearted people.

Mindfulness, if taught the right way, by the person who embody kindness compassion will always lead to good result.

When there is peace in every heart, joy in every mind, and compassion in every action.

I knew it is impossible, I just didn't know it would be hard.  It became hard, when I realize that it is not entirely impossible.

Emotional mastery
Calm and confident in crises
Optimism and resillience
Understand people better
Instinctively like people
Be friend with people
I will be so successful.

Emotional Intelligence: The ability to monitor one's own and other's feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and most importantly use this information to guide one's thinking and actions.

Neuroplasticity of the brain:  What we think, do, and pay attention to changes the structure and function of our brains.

I don’t have any wisdom, I am just trying my best.

The use of funny pictures.

Because I am an engineer, I am going to time 10 seconds.

Mindfulness: paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.

Three steps to train Emotional Intelligence:

Attention training: create a quality of mind which allows us to be calm and clear at the same time on demand. 
Self knowledge and self-mastery
Create useful mental habits

When training mindfulness, your attention does not just become calm, it also become sharp.  What that mean is two things.  First, it increase the resolution at which we perceive the process of emotion.  Resolution is two dimension.  It has a spatial dimension and a temporal dimension.  Spatial dimension means that you are able to perceive changes in the emotional process that you never noticed before.  Temporal dimension is the ability to see  changes in small delta in time. The ability to see an emotion the moment that it is arising, and to see the emotion the moment it is ceasing, and all the tiny changes in-between.  Vividness is when we increase the signal to noise ratio.  Parts of the emotional process that was hidden to you, you begin to see that in clarity.


The ability to see the emotion the moment it arise give you the power of choice. Hmm, I feel anger arising, I have a choice to turn it off or let it go on.  Should I be angry or should I not be angry.  There are situation where being angry is appropriate, but then we should let it goes out of our body and mind as soon as possible.

Strong self-awareness, emotional awareness, translate into self-assessment.  We get to know ourselves a bit better.  We get to know our resources.  This is what I am good at.  This is what I am bad at.  This is my strength.  This is my weakness.  This is what I really like to do.  This is what make me happy, and so on.  Once you are able to figure out your deepest values, and motivations, then you would know what opportunities to look out for, and that can change your life.

I am experiencing happiness.

My emotion is not me.  Emotion occupies the mind but it is not the mind.  It is not me.

The pain is not me.  Having that perception change everything because it is not me, I can do thing about it.  

The habit of loving kindness: Every time we see someone, wish for this person to be happy.
The habit of human similarity: The habit of looking at a human being and think that this person is just like me. This is especially important in the situation of conflict.  This is a human being just like me.  This person want to be happy just like me.  This person want to be free from suffering just like me. This changes everything.  This changes how we react.  This changes how we solve problem.  

Researchers found one, and only one factor significantly differentiated the top quartile of managers from the bottom quartile.  The single factor was high scores in affection (both expressed and wanted).  The top performing managers love people and wanted to be loved.

If the people love you, they want to work harder for you. Being loved is good for your career, especially if you are a boss.

The most effective US naval commanders were more positive, outgoing, more emotionally expressive and dramatic, warmer and more sociable, more appreciative and trustful, and even gentler than those who were merely average. — Nice guys finish first.

Happiness: a deep sense of flourishing that arises from an exceptionally healthy mind, not a mere pleasurable feeling, a fleeting emotion, or a mood, but an optimal state of being — Matthieu Ricard.

1. End of global poverty
2. Inner peace, inner happiness, and compassion on a global scale.

If I am in the pursuit of happiness, then something is holding me back from greater service.  However, if I am already happy, and I feel that I am free to contribute, and that is how I feel that I can go out and change the world. Because, if I succeed, I don’t get anything, and if I fail, I don’t loose anything, therefore I am free to try, and so for me, having a source of happiness that does not depend on sensual input, and is free, actually free me to do big stuff.  Of course, I don’t mind playing golf too.

It sound like a planted question, but I didn’t plant it, somebody else did.  If it was a planted question, you would ask “If you are so good looking, how do you do that”.  Also, if I want to look at good as you, how can I do that?  Study engineering.  All the engineers are good looking.  Didn’t you notice?  

Thank you all for coming.  Thank you all for being my friends.  I am so happy to have you.

It is less naughty then it sound.

All engineers are handsome.
Because I am an engineer, I have to time it.
Because I am an engineer, I have to measure it.
If you want to .., study engineering.  All engineers are ..

They have two minutes.

The best salesperson is someone who can understand and empathize with the client.  The client like the guy, and buy from the guy.  Therefore, if the salesperson, in addition to being good, also kind and compassionate, then he can get even more business, because everybody would want to buy from this guy.  Another example is leadership.  If we have a leader who practice all these things, if he is calm, loving, everybody would want to work extra heard for him. 

It seems dangerous, let me google it.

It gets better.

The process of emotion is phiological.  

End of global poverty. Inner peace, inner happiness, and compassion on a global scale.

Wow.  Excellent.  Welcome.  Great.

Enlighten minds, open hearts, create world peace.

Emotional Quotient.

Stay in Singapore.  Haha, very funny.
Live near a movie theater and Taco Bell.
Goodness in business: Selling happiness.  Delivering happiness.  Deliver happiness to his employees, and then his employees deliver happiness to customers, then customers would be happy and they would keep coming back.  Customer support does not have a time limit on the phone.  They spend as much time as the customer need.  Good customer service may be costly, but they save on marketing.  Happy customers keep coming back, and they may spread the words as well automatically (word of mouth marketing is more effective than other marketing approach).

Empathy: Understanding people. First, understanding people’s emotion, but not just understanding their emotions, how they feel, but beyond that, what do they want in life, how you can best help them, lead them.

Monkey business of science.

People with high self-awareness tend to be empathetic.  People with low self-awareness then to be not empathetic.

Empathy is the foundation of all social skills.

How to train for high self-awareness / empathy?

Whatever one frequently think and pander upon, it will become the inclination of his mind.

I am going to be come a hamburger.

Seeing similarity in another human being.
Practice human kindness.
This person is just like me.

This person is just like me.  This thought is very handy in the situation of conflict.

Italians are very strange.  They do strange studies.

Or if you prefer, you can look at me because I am so good looking.

Pick somebody.  All you have to know is that there is a human being beside me.  

This person beside me has a body and mind just like me.  This person beside me has feelings, emotions, thoughts, just like me. 
.. has at some point in her life been sad, disappointed, angry, hurt, or confused just like me.
.. has in his life, or her life experience physical or emotional pain and suffering just like me.
.. wishes to be freed from pain and suffering just like me.
.. wishes to be happy just like me.
I wish for this person next to me to have the strength, the resources, and the emotional and social support to navigate the difficulties in life. 
I wish for this person to be free from pain and suffering.
I wish for this person to be happy because this person is a fellow human being just like me.

Putting yourself in the other person’s shoe / position.

Being married to me.

Compassion: mental state endowed with a sense of concern for suffering, and very importantly, the aspiration to see the suffering relieved. 

Compassion is not an emotion.  It is an aspiration.

Components of Compassion:
I feel for you.
I understand you.  If I don’t, I try to understand you.
I want to help you.

He is a frenchman, which is ironic.  I just kidding.

The happiest state is Compassion.  The second happiest state is Open Awareness.  Open Awareness is when your mind is clear (all thoughts and emotions come and go, and your mind is clear)

Components of Compassion:

1. Effective component: I feel for you
2. Cognitive component: I understand you
3. Motivational component: I want to help you

I can multiply goodness.

What if we do not bully people? What if we treat people well?

When we are training mindfulness, we are actually training two qualities: attention, and meta-attention.  Meta-attention is attention on attention, specifically, it is the quality of knowing that the attention wonders away. Just noticing that the my attention wonders away is powerful.  That is not a failure.  That is a success.  Once you notice that, just bring the attention back, and when you bring attention back, it is like doing a bicep curl.  Everytime you bring attention back is like training your mental muscle a bit at a time.  If you do that a lot, your attention become strong.  If you do that quickly enough, your concentration become very good. When ridding a bicycle, the secret of keeping balance is micro-recoveries.  Everytime we lean to the left, we just lean to the right to recover, and vice-versa.

Given a job, just do your best, because if you always do your best, eventually, you will get noticed.  Create the condition if and when opportunity arises, you are there to take it.

Eventually, you get up there, you are the person that people complain to.., just kidding, that people look up to.

They key is fun.  If they are not having fun, do not invest in it.  Find people that you can have fun with, or have respect for.

Like you I work with a lot of engineers.
I am so sorry.

I don’t know.

To be free from attachments of praise and blame.  Whatever they say about you reflect more on them then on me.

Imagine yourself as both a mountain, and a grain of sand at the same time.  We need to be confident (so that we can lead people) but humble (not arrogant) at the same time.

Heroes and conquests are like flowing water.
Only the enlightened mind last 10 thousands generations.
Looking at my small achievements and laughing.
Bhuddas in my heart smiling.

My background is a green tara.

It is all about cultivating the mind.


There is nothing wrong with sensual pleasure, and ego pleasure.  The problem is that we depends on them for our happiness.  In other words, our happiness depends on external factors.  Therefore, if we can find joy that is independent of sensual pleasure and ego pleasure, then we have a stable source of joy, and therefore happiness.  We are all slave of sensual pleasure and ego pleasure, but if we can find joy independence of sensual pleasure and ego pleasure, the relationship become a friend (sensual pleasure and ego pleasure are now more or less a friend, not a thing that we depend on).  It is somebody that I hang out with, and it is not somebody that I depend on.  It is not somebody that I have to take order from.

Joy is the building blocks for happiness.

Inclining the mind toward joy.  Find thin slices of joy throughout the day.  Everytime I drink, eat, take a walk, make a new friend, see an old friend, see my daughter, etc.  You familiar the mind with joy.  Joy become a member of the family.  Uplifting the mind with goodness.  I wish for this person to be happy.

Every hour, spend 10 seconds, wishing for some random people to be happy.

Offer good wishes for people that you like, the people that you do not like so much, and then even the people that you hate.

I wish for this person to be happy.  I wish for me to be happy.
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