<PARAM TYPE="mime-type" VALUE="value" VALUETYPE="DATA | OBJECT | REF" NAME="name"/>

TYPE: When the VALUETYPE attribute is set to REF, the TYPE attribute can be used to indicate the type of information to be retrieved. Legal values for this attribute are in the form of MIME types such ash text/html.

VALUETYPE: This attribute specifies the type of the VALUE attribute being passed in. Possible values for this attribute include DATA, OBJECT, and REF. A value of DATA specifies that the information passed in through the VALUE parameter should be treated just as data. A value of REF indicates that the information being passed in is a URL that indicates where the data to use is located. This information is not retrieved, but the URL is passed to the object which may then retrieve the information if necessary. The value "OBJECT" indicates that the value being passed in is the name of an object.

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