HTML Image Map
<img src="{$comobj->GetDailyBrewImage($DailyBrewArr[0].vPath,$DailyBrewArr[0].iDailyBrew,'image','didyouknow','2')}" 
 border="0" alt="" usemap="#dailybrewmap"/>
<map name="dailybrewmap">
<area shape="rect" coords="29,471,255,508" href="/upload/didyouknow/ClinicalCafeInterviewsPeterPronovost.pdf" target="_blank"/>

Possible values for shape: rect, circle, poly, default (entire image).

circle: coords="center-x, center-y, radius"
poly: coords="x1, y1, x2, y2, …, xN, yN"

Coordinate values are relative to the top left corner of the object and may be expressed as pixels or percentages. A percentage radius value for circular regions is calculated relative to the smaller of the object's width and height. If two or more regions overlap, the earliest specified region takes precedence.

The HREF attribute specifies a link to another resource, such as an HTML document or a JPEG image. The TITLE attribute can be used to briefly describe the contents of the link and is rendered as a "tooltip" by some visual browsers. The boolean NOHREF attribute indicates that the region has no link.

The required ALT attribute provides alternate text for those not loading images. Effective ALT text should generally give the function of the map region rather than a description of the region. For example, ALT="WDG Home" or ALT="Web Design Group" would be more appropriate than ALT="WDG Logo" for a map region whose link went to the WDG home page. Good ALT text is an important accessibility feature for users who do not load images.

The TARGET attribute is used with frames to specify the frame in which the link should be rendered. If no frame with such a name exists, the link is rendered in a new window unless overridden by the user. Special frame names begin with an underscore:

* _blank renders the link in a new, unnamed window
* _self renders the link in the current frame (useful for overriding a BASE TARGET)
* _parent renders the link in the immediate FRAMESET parent
* _top renders the link in the full, unframed window

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