Html Embed

CODE: This attribute specifies the name of the file containing the compiled Java class if the <EMBED> element is used to include a Java applet.

CODEBASE: This specifies the base URL for the plug-in or potential applet

PLUGINSPACE: This attribute contains the URL of instructions for installing the plug-in required to render the embedded object

SRC: This attribute specifies the URL of source content for the embedded object

TYPE: This attribute specifies the MIME type of the embedded object. It is used by the browser to determine an appropriate plug-in for rendering the object. It can be used instead of the SRC attribute for plug-ins that have no content or that fetch it dynamically.

The <EMBED> element is not favored by W3C, and is not part of any official HTML specification. However, it is very common.

The TYPE attribute uses a MIME type to determine an appropriate browser plug-in. Any attributes not defined are treated as object-specific parameters and passed through to the embedded object. Consult the plug-in or object documentation for detail

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