<APPLET    ARCHIVE="URL of archive file"    CODE="URL of Java class file"     CODEBASE="URL for base referencing"    OBJECT="filename">
    <PARAM NAME="parameter_name" VALUE="parameter_value"/>

ARCHIVE: This attribute refers to an archived or compressed version of the applet and its associated class files, which may help reduce download time.

CODE: This attribute specifies the URL of the applet's class file to be loaded and executed. Applet filenames are identified by a .class file name extension. The URL specified by CODE may be relative to the CODEBASE attribute.

CODEBASE: This attribute gives the absolute or relative URL of the directory where applet's class files referenced by the CODE attribute are stored.

OBJECT: This attribute specifies the URL of a serialized representation of an applet.

<APPLET CODE="game.class" ARCHIVE="">
    <PARAM NAME="difficulty_level" VALUE="easy"/>

The HTML 4 specification does not encourage the use of <APPLET> and prefers the use of the <OBJECT> element. Under strict definition, this element is not defined.

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