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What are my current to-do things?

  • Look at the problems-need-be-solved page
  • Determine what features are offered by LegalZoom.
  • Learn how to use ProductHunt
  • Continue to work on AstoundLearning
  • The solar project
  • Understand VR and how it would impact web development
  • Research various vitamins
  • Learn https://webpack.github.io/
  • Learn how to use reddit, Hacker News, digg, StumbleUpon, StumbleUpon, Periscope, Chime.In
  • Look at my To-Do list on Trello
  • How can I have multiple blog pages or should I have two separate blogs with two separate domain names?
  • Look at the research page
  • Read articles on the health page
  • T-shirt design and printing business
  • Get rid of the thoughts page or clean it up
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