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Being able to see public calendars
Being able to see Google Calendars on my mobile phone
Being able to add AWS Webinar schedules to my Google Calendar
How can we integrate Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar (being able to see Outlook Calendar being displayed via Google Calendar, being able to see Google Calendar inside Outlook Calendar)

How can I access my Google Calendar from my Macbook Pro?

  • Use a browser and access the Google Calendar web interface.
  • Configure Firefox to automatically open Google Calendar in a separate tab whenever you launch Firefox

How can I access my Google Calendar from my iPhone?

  • Search the iPhone App store for "Google Calendar" and install it.
  • If nothing else work, launch Safari and access the Google Calendar web interface.

How can we integrate iCal with Google Calendar?

By synchronizing iCal with Google Calendar, you can bring your calendar to the cloud, use it across computers, and even sync it with your Android OS smartphone. Synchronizing these two is surprisingly easy. If you weren’t already using it, first make sure you’ve got a Google Calendar account – or simply a Google or Gmail account. Log in to Google Calendar to verify. The sync setup is simple and will only take a few seconds. Fire up iCal and go to iCal -> Preferences (Command + comma) -> Accounts and add a new account. Enter your Google credentials, and then close the dialog.

You’ve now got two calendar groups in the iCal sidebar. Calendars, the default group, only boasts locally-hosted calendars. For the purpose of Google Calendar synchronization, we can consider these to be semi-static, as they will not be synchronized or even visible in Google Calendar.

You’ll also notice the appearance of a new group. This group, named after your Google account, will host your Google calendars, and display them between your iCal calendars.

Because the iCal calendars are not synced with Google Calendar, they aren’t visible online or on your Android phone. For that purpose, it might be better to delete the default calendars and switch to synced Google calendars altogether.

You can sync multiple calendars with a single Google Calendar account, but not from within iCal. Instead, log in to Google Calendar, and go to Settings -> Calendar Settings -> Calendars and select "Create new calendar".

Alternatively, you can sync the calendars from multiple Google and Google apps accounts in iCal, but unless you’ve got reason to maintain calendars from multiple Google accounts, there’s no good reason to do so.

iCal isn’t the only way to bring Google Calendar to your desktop. The official Google Notifier application, also available for Windows, integrates both Gmail and Calendar in the Mac OS X notification area. You can of course, disable one of these two.

Although iCal is the perfect desktop calendar authoring application, Google Notifier is perfect if all you need is to keep a close eye on your calendar. Depending on your iCal settings, you can use iCal for calendar management, and Google Notifier for your notifications.

Can we have multiple calendar?


How can we add calendar?

Click on the down arrow next to the "Other Calendas"

How can we create a calendar?


How can we display only a particular calendar?

On the left hand side, click on the arrow next to the desired calendar and select Display only this calendar.

How can we create an event in a particular calendar?

On the left hand side, move your mouse over to the appropriate calendar and click on the down arrow that is displayed on the right, and then click on "Create event on this calendar"

How can we quickly add an event?

There are a few ways to create an event in Calendar. However, the easiest way may not be the most apparent. In the top-left corner, if you click the little triangle next the CREATE button you'll prompt the Quick Add box. Here, you can just type in plain language an event you'd like to add (i.e. "Dinner with Karen tomorrow at 7:15 p.m." or "Visit John at the Meeting Place Next Tuesday"), then hit Add and it will appear in your calendar. Calendar is surprisingly good at parsing natural language structure.

How can we invite guests to an event?

  1. Locate the event on your calendar
  2. Click on the event
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Enter the email address for a guest and click on the Add button (On the right hand side). Repeat this step until all the guests are added.

How can we share a calendar?

Move your mouse over to the desired calendar (on the left hand side of the screen), and then click on the down arrow that is displayed on the right of the calendar, and click on Share this Calendar. Then you can add the email addresses of individuals you would like to share them with.

If you want to share an uneditable version of your calendar to friends who aren't using GC, click the Calendar Detail tab to the left of the Share this Calendar tab mentioned above. Here, you will have the ability to find the "Calendar Address" by clicking on the icon representing the different formats: XML, iCalendar (for all your Apple ecosystem products), or even plain old HTML. People can then use this address to add your calendar info to non-GC clients.

How can we accept invitation to view a shared calendar?

Just click on the link in the email.

How can I access my Google Calendar using my mobile iphone?

I can install the Google Calendar app from the Apple App Store, or I can use Safari and navigate to

How can we check out other advanced / beta features?

  1. Click on the gear icon and click on "Labs"
  2. Click on the Enable or Disable radio button next to the feature that you want to try
  3. Click on the Save button at the top

How can we get a daily reminder of all the events for that day?

  1. Click the gear icon
  2. Select Settings, Calendars.
  3. Click ‘Reminders and notifications’ next to a calendar
  4. Tick the options for email and SMS. The daily agenda is a useful option.

What are some keyboard shortcuts for Calendar?

scroll to previous date range: k or p
scroll to next date range: j or n
jump to today: t
create event: c
delete event: Backspace or Delete
search: /
views (day): 1 or d, (week): 2 or w, (month): 3 or m; (4 days): 4 or x, (agenda): 5 or a

How can we get a Daily Agenda email?

To enable this function, click the little gear in the top-right corner > Settings > Calendars tab > click Edit notifications next to the calendar you'd like an email notification from > scroll down and check the box next to Daily Agenda. You will now receive an email of the day's events from that calendar every morning at 5 a.m.. (Unfortunately, it does not appear that there is a way to alter times/days for the agenda emails).

This may be usedful if we can get this email as an SMS alert on our mobile phone.

How can we enable and use Tasks?

Need help organizing all the stuff you need to do? Calendar boasts a useful Tasks function, but it's not necessarily easy to find. To enable it, click the box next to Tasks, which you'll find nested underneath your My calendars box (if you have many sub-calendars, you may need to scroll down—it'll always be at the bottom of the My calendars section). This will prompt the Tasks panel to pop up on the right-hand side of your calendar.

You can add new tasks two ways: 1) in the Tasks panel, click the plus sign (+) at the bottom or 2) in the calendar (in Week or Day views), click the top "all-day" box directly below the date and then click the Tasks tab at the top of the ensuing pop-up (in the Month view, you just click on any date box). Once you've created a new task, you can organize them into lists and create due dates in the Tasks panel.

One thing that is desperately missing with GC's Task function is the ability to set task reminders (e.g. emails and pop-ups reminding you to do something) the way you can with an event. I often find myself using events to create tasks that I need to be reminded about.

How can we embed our calendar into a web page?

Google also gives you the ability to embed your calendar in another site or blog. Just go to the aforementioned Calendar Details page (click the triangle next to the calendar you'd like to embed and then click Calendar Details). Scroll down to the Embed This Calendar section and copy the embed code. If you would like to customize the look of the calendar (size, colors, etc.), click the link above the window, and the code will be automatically updated.

How can we access our calendar offline?

Offline access lets you use various Calendar functions even when you're not online. It works by storing all the data locally in your browser and syncing back up once you're connected again. This is a nice function to have as you carry devices in and out of connected zones. Unfortunately, for now, this function only works on Chrome.

To activate offline access, just click the little gear in the top-right column and select Offline. A pop-up screen will ask for confirmation and warn you not to do this on a shared or public computer. When sync is complete, you'll see a little green checkmark next to Offline in the gear window.

How can we schedule an event with multiple attendees (Find a Time That Works For Everyone)?

It can be difficult to schedule a meeting time between multiple busy people. Calendar has an easy way to fix these collaboration problems: the "Find a Time" function. Click on (or create) an event and click through to the edit details page and then click the Find a Time tab. Add the guests whose calendars you would like to compare in the box on the right (they will have to granted you access to their calendar for this to work). You can then see everyone's schedule side-by-side and find a time that works for everyone. It works for up to 20 people.

How can you create a link for people to sign up with appointments to see you?

Are you in demand? Of course you are! Good thing Calendar has a way to let people sign up to see you! Try this: Create a new event that spans a time that you will be available. In the ensuing pop-up, you'll see a tab that says Appointment slots. Click that and then click through to the event's page, and you will see that Google has generated a shareable link, which people can use to sign up to see you. You can set it up as a single slot that anyone can claim or chop up the larger time into smaller slots.

This can be handy for doctors, dentists, etc.

How can we associate a Google Hangout with an event?

Calendar also gives you the ability to associate a Google Hangout Video Conference with an event. In the Event details, just click the Add video call link. This will generate a video call room that will be waiting for all the participants.

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