Getting Browser Timezone

On the browser:

var d = new Date();
jQuery('#browserTimeOffset').val(Math.round(d.getTimezoneOffset() * 60));

On the server:

$browserTimeOffset = $_REQUEST['browserTimeOffset'];
$sql = "UPDATE member SET timeZoneOffsetInSeconds=unix_timestamp(utc_timestamp()) - unix_timestamp(now()) - $browserTimeOffset WHERE memberId=$memberId"
$offset = 555;  // Whatever the value of the timeZoneOffsetInSeconds column for this member
$sql = "SELECT cmnu.dModifiedDate + INTERVAL $offset second as dLastModifiedDate ..."

This method stores number of seconds offset between the browser and the database server. The timezone of my database server was America/Los_Angeles (where I lived, and does not need to be GMT).

If we do not want to use the above method, we can perhaps use relative date and times as mentioned in

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