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What is Geddy?

Geddy, based on the Rails and Django frameworks (and, therefore, also extremely similar to CakePHP), is a traditional MVC framework that is lightweight, fast, and extremely well-rounded. The database management is excellent, the routing is a dream, and you'll feel right at home if you're used to separate files for each controller, model, and template. Geddy is more than just a framework; it's also a development environment. When you want to create a new model or controller or even a new geddy project, you use command-line tools that create the basic structure automatically. In fact, you even launch your applications with the 'geddy' command, so node itself stays entirely transparent. The documentation is a little lacking in this framework since the project is growing and changing very rapidly, but it's still very easy to pick up and run with — especially if you're already used to a good MVC framework in any other language. While Express is good for small-medium webapps, Geddy is fantastic for medium-large.

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