How to plant and take care a dragon fruit tree?

  1. Cutting should roughly be 5 or 6 feet long. Let it dry for about 3 days before putting it into the ground. This prevent infection. Dig a hole about 2 inches deep (not a lot), put the cutting there a long with some root-grow chemical (Clonex). Water it perhaps every other day, depending on where you live (Make sure that the ground is wet but not too wet).
  2. Fertilizer:
    1. Osmocote (14, 14, 14) (slow release). If we grow our dragon fruit in a pot, we may want to apply fertilizer every 2 or 3 weeks.
    2. Alaska All Purpose Fertilizer
    3. All Purpose Fertilizer (10, 10, 10) once every two weeks.
  3. Best time to apply fertilizer: Most people recommend that we apply fertilizer twice per year, once when the spring season start, and once when it start to produce flowers.
  4. Best time to do pruning / cutting: right after the harvest.
  5. Pollination: We should grow different kinds of dragon fruit tree together. Dragon fruits prefer to be pollinated with different kinds. If we do not have a lot of bees, we may have to manually pollinate them.
  6. Water: Keep the ground wet but not too wet.
  7. Seed starting mix: Pro-mix
  8. Trim the new growth to help growth on the main trunk, flowering, and fruiting.
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