Game 4 Health


Currently, there are over 35 documented studies which show that well-designed games can help engage and empower consumer health behaviors leading to higher treatment adherence, better overall health, and more clarity in communication with others about their conditions. These clinical studies have focused on a variety of areas, including cancer, asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, exercise / weight loss, and brain games.

Another approach to gaming for kids with diabetes is Bayer Didget, and its precursor Glucoboy. These are two blood glucose meters designed for kids with diabetes. They interface with the Nintendo DS and reward children with diabetes if they measure and track their blood sugar level. Blood sugar levels in correct range will unlock fun games on the Nintendo DS. Initial evidence suggest that kids with diabetes are much more likely to measure their blood glucose levels. Didget also connects users to an online community to add the benefit of social networking to good health behavior motivation.

For kids with diseases, being able to connect with other kids, who have the same diseases, and being able to talk about it, is important.

There are many examples of exergames, like Wii Fit and Dance, Dance, Revolution, that have shown when exercise is made "fun", people show a greater physical exertion rate and greater long term exercise program adherence. Games have also been shown to improve overall healthy behaviors (improving eating habit, enabling smoking cessation, and reducing stress).

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