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What are the configurable options for express.static?

express.static is based on serve-static, and is responsible for serving the static assets of an Express application.

express.static(root, [options])

The root argument refers to the root directory from which the static assets are to be served. The optional options object can have the following properties.

  • dotfiles: option for serving dotfiles. Possible values are "allow", "deny", and "ignore"; defaults to "ignore".
  • etag: enable or disable etag generation, defaults to true.
  • extensions: sets file extension fallbacks, defaults to false.
  • index: sends directory index file, defaults to "index.html". Set false to disable directory indexing.
  • lastModified: enabled by default, sets the Last-Modified header to the last modified date of the file on the OS. Set false to disable it.
  • maxAge: sets the max-age property of the Cache-Control header in milliseconds or a string in ms format, defaults to 0.
  • redirect: redirects to trailing "/" when the pathname is a dir, defaults to true.
  • setHeaders: function for setting HTTP headers to serve with the file.

Here is an example of using the express.static middleware with an elaborate options object.

var options = {
  dotfiles: 'ignore',
  etag: false,
  extensions: ['htm', 'html'],
  index: false,
  maxAge: '1d',
  redirect: false,
  setHeaders: function (res, path, stat) {

app.use(express.static('public', options));

For more details about serve-static and its options, visit the serve-static documentation.

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