Es6 Generators


Generators provide a way of almost working infinitely so we can calculate 
massive numbers because of the way it generates this work.  Generators let us 
jump through each step to generate these big numbers.

Potentially, generators let us work with asynchronous code as if it was 
synchronous (avoid callback-hell).

Consider a typical example from Node land where we are using some module to 
connect to our database and query for things:

Person.findOne({id: 5}, (per) => {
  Location.findOne(..., (log) => {

This is a trivial example, but in the real world, we often have scenarios where 
we have to nest callbacks several levels deep.  This is make the code harder to 
understand.  This is known as "callback hell".  We can avoid callback hell by 
using Promises.  We can also avoid callback hell using generators.  Let's see 
how generators work.

var per = yield Person.findOne(...);
var loc = yield location.findOne(...);

The above code is asynchronous but reads as synchronous.

This does not work out of the box currently.  However, if you are using a 
library that does support this, we can use the yield keyword, which basically 
yielding to Person.findOne and location.findOne and just waiting for them to 
responde.  When they respond, it comes back and assigns the right data to the 
right variables.
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