Email Responsive


What is Ink?

Quickly create responsive HTML email that work on any device and client. Even Outlook.

Ink, by Zurb (of Foundation framework fame), is a useful framework which gives you a hand to create responsive HTML emails that can be read on any device, independent of screen size. Thanks to Ink, you don’t need to decide anymore whether you have to optimize the email layout for Outlook or for smartphones.

With Ink you can develop your own email template from scratch or opt for one of the five pre-built layouts: the two most used templates are called “Basic” and “Sidebar”. The first is perfect for basic but nice emails, while the second allows you to create a sidebar where you can list some links.

Moreover, when dealing with “inline styles”, you can use Ink’s Inliner tool which “brings your email styles inline”.

Like Pixate, Ink too provides an useful and usable “getting started” guide. Ink is open source and you can download it for free. If you've spent any time at all working on email templates, you'll know what a minefield it can be if you don't know all the dark magic and pro tricks.

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