How to install CompoundJS?

npm install -g compound

How to initialize our application?

compound init compound-angular-todo —coffee —tpl jade

The above command create our application (named "compound-angular-todo") and specifies that we need CoffeeScript (coffee) and Jade (a template engine).

How to install node-dev and other components required by CompoundJS?

npm install —save-dev node-dev
npm install

How to run our application?

We’re ready to run our server:


Does CompoundJS comes with generator?


How to generate a controller?

compound g controller tasks

The above command generate a controller named tasks.

How to generate a model?

compound g model task description:string completed:boolean created_at:date

How to define a basic “tasks” routes in `config/`?

See the code at

Other unconfirmed things:

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