Companies that I may want to work for



  • Netflix
  • LinkedIn
  • Shutl (the published an article on using Statsd, Graphite, and Nagios to create metrics based alerts). Same day, one hour, 90 minute, next day delivery. London-based technology start-up offering a rapid fulfillment service by connecting online retailers with local same-day couriers. The startup company is best known for offering delivery of online shopping orders in 90 minutes or less. They push out new code around 70 times a week across about 15 applications.

Real estate


Job sites:

  • Indeed
  • ZipRecruiter



  • Claraview: They delivers business intelligence and data mining solutions for commercial enterprises and government agencies. The company‚Äôs team of business intelligence experts attacks the most pressing data challenges with passion, delivering a full-range of services including needs assessments, architecture design, project management, and application development. Work here if I want to learn more about data science, data technologies.

Shopping / E-commerce:



  • (mobile ads): I received an email from them and it seems that they have a good culture.

Online Publishing:

  • - social publishing
  • - social publishing

Crowdsourced technical support:

  • - crowdsourcing tech support
  • - crowdsourcing tech support


Software Development Agencies:

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