CanJS - Questions


What is a global store?


What else do I want to know about CanJS?

  • How can we define a model?
  • How can we create an instance of our new model?
  • How can we define our own observable?
  • What is the inheritance relationship between various pieces?
  • Does CanJS offer a way to do front-end validation or do I have to use a separate library such as jQuery Validate?
  • Does CanJS offer a way to do internationalization?
  • If can.Component use custom tag, how will the generated HTML source code look like, and will it work for older browsers?
  • How can I see some MVVM stuff like when I change a form field, I want to see that the model is updated, or when I change the model, I want to see the form field updated? How can we prevent circular reference or infinite loop?
  • When looking at the tutorial and the recipes, I see examples of "when the data change, the page is updated", but I do not see example of "when the page change, the data model get updated". Please point me to where I can see such sample.
  • I would like to see a comprehensive tutorial on using CanJS for both front-end and back-end, including scaffolding and deployment.
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