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Does CanJS support a middleware app architecture?

Not sure. On the web site, it displays a link with the number of apps submitted. If you click on this link, it takes you to a page that doesn't display anything. If you just mouse over this link, it will display an in-page popup that list the submitted apps, and you can click on the individual app. At the bottom of the popup, the is a "more" link, and that seems to work as well. These apps don't seem to be middleware app though.

Can we override built-in core methods?

Yes and no. CanJS’s tools are designed to work under almost every situation. Your server sends back XML with strange urls? That’s ok, overwrite can.Model.findAll or can.Model.models. Want some special teardown code for a control? Overwrite can.Control:destroy.

Where can I see the stats compared against other libraries?

See and

Does CanJS support live-binding?


How can we download previous version of CanJS?

The download page ( ) also offers those downloads for older versions and pre-releases for the next version from the "Other Versions" dropdown.

What is the problem with can.Component and IE8?

While CanJS does support Internet Exporer 8 out of the box, if you decide to use can.Components then you will need to use the HTML5 Shiv in order for your custom tags to work properly. Unfortunately, at the moment, the official HTML5 Shiv does not work with namespaced tag names (e.g. <can:example>). Thankfully, CanJS comes with a version that fixes this and we've already submitted a pull request so future users of HTML5 Shiv won't run into this issue.

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