Canjs Live Binding

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What is live binding?

Change in the data model will automatically update the UI, and change in the UI by user will automatically update the data model.

What is opt-in data binding?

Although can.ejs’s live-binding is super fast, setting up live data binding can be too slow in certain situations (like rendering a list of 1000 items). EJS’s live binding is opt-in. It only turns on if you are using the attr method. If the following template binds to a todo's name …

<li> <%= todo.attr('name') %> </li>

… the following doesn’t setup live-binding and renders much faster …

<li> <%= %> </li>

I am not sure exactly what this means yet.

How to implement live binding on a form element?

<input type=‘text’ value=‘<%= coffee.attr(“roaster”) %>’ />

I wonder how this EmbeddedJS stuff works. The above is just an EmbeddedJS template. After it is evaluated, the resulted string probably contains an even handler for the onchange event.

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