What are different caching solutions?

  1. Squid / CDN
  2. Redis
  3. Memcache
  4. Coherence
  5. Ehcache
  6. Hazelcast

What are the cache statistics?

  1. Hit count: Number of look-ups encountered when object found
  2. Miss count: Number of look-ups encountered when object not found
  3. Load success count: Number of successfully loaded entries
  4. Total load time: Total time in loading an element
  5. Load exception count: Number of exceptions thrown while loading an entry
  6. Eviction count: Number of entries evicted from the cache

What are some of the questions that can help us to identify the right cache solution?

  1. Do you need a light-weighted or full-fledged cache solution?
  2. Do you need an open-source, commercial, or framework-provided cache solution?
  3. Do you need in-process or distributed caching?
  4. What’s the trade-off between consistency and latency requirements?
  5. Do you need to maintain the cache for transactional/master data?
  6. Do you need a replicated cache?
  7. What about performance, reliability, scalability, and availability?

See the bottom of for a comparison chart.

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