BNY Mellon


  1. BNY Mellon was established by Alexander Hamilton. This means that it is among the longest surviving institution in the history. And the CEO joined as a management-trainee in 1973, and became the CEO in 1994. That means that it has an excellent work environment and culture. I am excited to join the team. Can you give me more detail on the culture, policies, and benefits of working at BNY Mellon? What do you enjoy most working at BNY Mellon?
  2. BNY Mellon must have offices throughout the country. Where is the head quarter located? What about engineering offices? What is the size of this team? Where is this team located?
  3. I was looking at the job description. It mentioned "The candidate consults with internal business groups to provide high-level application software development services or technical support." Is there a product manager, or a designer involved? I am comfortable with working directly with business people as well, but I may need some help with choosing the right font and color.
  4. I just notice on the job description that the primary location is in "United States-Massachusetts-Westborough", but I am in California. Will I have to relocate to Massachusetts.
  5. I do not know if you have a chance to look at my resume in detail, because you are probably busy with looking at thousands of other resume as well. I want to take this opportunity to mention that even I do not much experience with the financial industry, at Quantros, we are in the healthcare industry, which is highly regulated. For example, there is heavy penalty for any HIPPA breach. So, we take security very seriously. We do our own audit, and we also hire 3rd party security team that audit our system annually. I am trained on web security. OWASP. I also have an eye for performance and scalability. At FriendFinder, we had a large user base. At any moment, we had about 1 million user online. I know about optimizing SQL queries, adding indexes, denormalization, sharding or partitioning the databases, caching. I also know about front-end performance techniques such as combining and minifying CSS and JavaScript. Overall, I am a strong engineer, and I am a good fit for this position.
  6. BIRT
  7. If I have additional questions can I email you?
  8. What is the next step?

When was BNY Mellon established?

BNY Mellon was established by Alexander Hamilton. This means BNY Mellon is among the longest surviving institution in the history.

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