Bitbucket - Bitbucket Tutorial | Bitbucket for Beginners - done watching - How to push files to a repo - done watching - How to get started with Bitbucket - done watching - Creating a BitBucket Repository - done watching - JIRA + Bitbucket Webinar - The Basics (Part 1/5) - done watching - Complete your workflow - view build status and deploy within Bitbucket

Atlassian SourceTree: A free Git client for Windows or Mac

Introduction to Bitbucket: - Bitbucket saves the world - done watching - Introduction to Git (Version Control) using BitBucket - done watching - Free Version Control With Bitbucket (GIT Version Control Tutorial) - done watching

SourceTree: - Git Repository (Bitbucket) + SourceTree GUI Tutorial - done watching, may want to watch again - Bitbucket for Git - Source Tree Tutorial - done watching - Bitbucket /SourceTree. Tutorial to create a repository

Using Bitbucket with Visual Studio: - How to setup a BitBucket Respository - done watching

Stash: - Atlassian BitBucket Server (Stash) Full Product Demonstration - Using JIRA and Bitbucket (Stash) for Development Bliss



Github versus Bitbucket: - done watching

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