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DNS: - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading - done reading

Add a A record to the DNS record of your domain mapping the domain to the elastic IP address assigned in (1). Your domain provide should either give you some way to set the A record (the IP address), or it will give you a way to edit the nameservers of your domain.

If they do not allow you to set the A record directly, find a DNS management service like ZoneEdit, register your domain as a zone there and ZoneEdit will give you the nameservers to enter in the admin panel of your domain provider. You can then add the A record for the domain in ZoneEdit.

Then use a DNS management service to add your domain and Ip address (Elastic IP), then on the domain provider panel add the DNS provided from the DNS management service. See

Perhaps you are trying to set the apex domain ("" instead of "")? That does require an A record as DNS does not support CNAME for apex domain.

  1. Sign up for a free account:
  2. sudo yum-config-manager —enable epel
  3. sudo yum install -y noip
  4. sudo noip2 -C // Create the noip2 configuration file. Enter the login and password information for when prompted and answer the subsequent questions to configure the client. The configuration file: /etc/no-ip2.conf
  5. sudo chkconfig noip on
  6. chkconfig —list noip
  7. sudo service noip start
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