Angular 2 - Attribute / Property Binding


// Angular 2 - Attribute / Property Binding:

To add a CSS class to the li element that the user click on, we added:

[class.selected]="hero === selectedHero"

to the li element.  Notice that in the template, the class.selected is 
surrounded in square brackets ([]). This is the syntax for a property binding, 
a binding in which data flows one way from the data source (the expression 
"hero === selectedHero") to a property of class.

<my-hero-detail [hero]="selectedHero"></my-hero-detail>

Notice that the hero property is the target of the property binding.  It is in
square brackets to the left of the equal sign.  Angular insists that we declare 
a target property to be an input property. If we don't, Angular rejects the 
binding and throws an error.
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