Amazon SES - Email Verification

Do we have to verify both "From" and "To" addresses?

Yes. You must verify each email address that will be used as a "From" or "Return-Path" address.

Do we have to verify moc.elpmaxe|WERDNA#moc.elpmaxe|WERDNA if we already verify moc.elpmaxe|werdna#moc.elpmaxe|werdna?

Yes. The portion before the @ is case-sensitive.

After we are granted production access, do we still have to verify the address of each recipient?

No. Prior to production access granted, we have to verify each recipient address. After production access granted, we do not have to verify each recipient address.

Before production access is granted, how many address can be verified per AWS account?

1000 identities (domains and email addresses, in any combination)

What does Amazon SES allows us to do with a verified "From" or "Return-Path" address?

Verifying an email address also allows you to set the "From" or "Return-Path" address to any address formed by adding a label to the verified address. Addresses that contain labels are of the form name+ten.elpmaxe|lebal#ten.elpmaxe|lebal, with user-specified text between the plus sign (+) and the at sign (@). For example, if you verify ten.elpmaxe|werdna#ten.elpmaxe|werdna, you can also send email from andrew+ten.elpmaxe|1tneipicer#ten.elpmaxe|1tneipicer, andrew+ten.elpmaxe|2tneipicer#ten.elpmaxe|2tneipicer. This makes it possible to support Variable Envelope Return Path (VERP) - the use of different return path for each recipient. See

Do we need to verify a sub-domain if we already verify the top level domain?

Yes. Amazon SES only verifies fully qualified domain names (FQDNs). Even if you verified a domain, you have to verify subdomains of that domain. For example, if you want to send email from both and, you need to verify each of these FQDNs separately.

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