$8M Series A on April 13, 2017 from Shasta Venture
Salesforce Lightening: Aurora
Google Cloud Platform
python + Java
2 position
4 employee + 10 remotre

What do I know about Akoonu?

  1. $8M Series A on April 13, 2017. Founded in 2014

Who is the CEO?

Jeff Freund

Who is the CTO?

Deepesh Chourey

What questions do I have about Akoonu?

  1. When joining a start-up or any company, it is important for me to understand what exactly what I am getting myself involved with. I hope that you do not mind that I will be asking some open questions. You are obviously a successful entrepreneur or leader through Clickability. For me, and coming from where I come from, I need to have a large amount of money, and my previous start-up experience did not materialize to any significant financial gain, but there is a proverb that says "fall 7 times, stand up 8". So, I am still looking for a start-up, and willing go the extra miles. Akoonu just receive $8M series A funding in April 2017, so at least Shasta Venture believed in Akoonu products. I have worn many hats (developers, system admin, QA). You have been with Akoonu since the beginning in 2014, is Akoonu the right place for me?
  2. How does Akoonu work? What are some criterias or algorithms that we use to either put a deal on the WIN map or take it off the WIN map?
  3. What technlogies do we use?
  4. Who are our competitors?
  5. How can we be sure that Salesforce will not compete with us?
  6. Do we use Salesforce Einstein?
  7. Do we use any big data technology?
  8. Do we use any BI technology or any ETL technology?
  9. Please talk more about Insight Engine
  10. Which cloud provider do we use?
  11. What are our current challenges / needs? I have seen the job description. It mentioned J2EE, Angular or React. What are other soft skill or characteristics that you arelooking for with this position? What would it takes to be successful at Akoonu? How do you feels about my background matched against your expectation?
  12. How much of our technology is dependent on Salesforce? Do we use Salesforce connect?
  13. What is the current size of the company? How many positions are we hiring?
  14. Is this a contract to hire position?
  15. What is the next step?
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